Give Yourself a Positivity Boost with Visualizations

No motivation?

Does the weather make it more and more difficult to leave home and go training, to work or to school? Change your attitude and everything will become easier… and more pleasant. We all have days when the only thing we dream of is to wrap ourselves up in a blanket and watch our favorite movie while sipping hot tea. Let me tell you a secret thanks to which you can outsmart the blues and the excuses. According to studies, our brain reacts in the same way to emotions triggered by reality and imagination. When we imagine something, the same centers are stimulated in the brain as during a real experience. By recalling positive thoughts, we activate certain networks in the brain that arise during real emotions associated with actual experience. This works equally well during negative events.

When we recall unpleasant memories, the brain begins to feel the same emotions that appeared in reality. This means that visualization will serve you best if it is accompanied by positive intentions and feelings.


What is visualization?

It is a proven relaxation technique and a method of self-development. Visualization consists in reminding or imagining pleasant moments, those that evoke in us the feeling of bliss and happiness. It’s a method through which we put ourselves in a good mood and fight stress. It can also be used as a motivational tool.


How to start?

At the beginning, concentrate on what you really want. Work out every detail, time and place. Build an exact plan – from “now” until you reach your goal. Always choose the time for visualization when you won’t be distracted by additional activities and thoughts. This technique is best carried out when surrounded by nature and, of course, in solitude. If this is not possible, find a quiet place at home and ask your family members not to bother you. In order to achieve better results, we should precede the visualization with a short relaxation session. Close your eyes and move to the land of eternal happiness. Think only about positive things, recall moments of absolute joy. Visualization can become an easy and helpful tool if practised regularly. Over time, you will start to feel it in a multi-sensory way and in addition to the image you will hear the sounds and smells.


What are the results of visualization?

When you recall emotions and sensory experiences, then to some extent you program your brain to feel like that. Your brain saves the referenced image and activates itself so that the vision becomes a reality. Have you ever achieved a goal and thought that it was not exactly the way you’d thought it would be? It happened because your brain did not know the details. Remember that during visualization it is important to enrich the image with important details, such as emotions, smells, and sounds. Thanks to this, visualization will stimulate the brain and the subconscious much harder to act in a specific direction, the one you have chosen. 


Is it safe?

Opponents of the visualization method say that it can enhance imagination so much that the person begins to live in the world of dreams and loses touch with reality. Take it easy, you’re not in any danger. Remember, however, to indulge in visualization when you are in a safe place. No matter how experienced you are, never practice it in situations requiring concentration, eg when you stop at traffic lights or when you’re at work because it won’t bring any results then. What’s more, excessive relaxation can be dangerous. Start visualizing today. Use your creative imagination to overcome stress, everyday difficulties and to achieve your goals. The best way to get to know the future is to create it. 🙂

Let’s roll!


Anna Lewandowska

Athlete and nutrition specialist. Multiple medalist of the national in traditional karate in European and World Championships. Author of workout plans and books on healthy lifestyle that have helped her motivate over a million of people to change their lives for the better.

Founder of Healthy Plan by Ann, Diet & Training by Ann. CEO of Foods by Ann. Co-founder of Baby by Ann.

Wife of footballer Robert Lewandowski, the captain of the Poland national football team and Bayern Munich player. Read more »

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