The Creative Power of Visualization – Dreams Come True!

It all starts with an idea which later turns into a dream. Your task is to make it happen and let me put it straight: there is no magic spell to help you with that.

Dreams can come true but you need a great plan.

If you want to achieve something, first work out every detail and the way you want to follow to get there.

Specify what, when and how you want to implement. It is helpful to write down all the details, to prepare a kind of “cheat sheet”. The smallest detail counts. Engage your imagination as best you can. Think about the smells, colors and accompanying sounds. Think what you need to do step by step to help yourself, starting today.


Now let’s get to the point, or the visualization of your goal

Why does it work? Specialists Ronald Finke, Thomas Ward, and Steven Smith say that evoking positive thoughts activates the same centers in the brain as during the real experience. Imagination sends a message that it’s time to start working, and then all the mechanisms necessary to achieve the goal are activated.

In 1980 dr Richard Suinn conducted an experiment on the impact of visualization on muscle work. A skier, whose task was to imagine himself coming down an Alpine slope, took part in the experiment. Electrodes attached to his body registered the strong work of those muscles that are used during such physical effort.

You go, fighters!



Creative visualization is also:

  • A way to relieve stress – you can quickly calm nerves with a few minutes spent on visualization. If you have a difficult day at work, make good use of the break and instead of gossiping with friends, devote a quarter of an hour to yourself only. Try to find a silent moment when you’re on your own, then close your eyes and move to the world of dreams. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just something that brings relief. Think about plans for a weekend with your family, going out with friends, or a quiet evening at home …
  • The path to self-development – it helps you recognize your potential and predispositions, as well as determine what you really want. Visualization will not only allow you to specify what your aspirations are, but will also make you aware of what you need to do to achieve full happiness.

Your attitude, desire for success and unwavering faith in success are crucial in the visualization process. Athletes know this very well. Focusing on victory is just as important as training and it applies to every field.

Choose time and place when nothing and nobody will distract you. My favorite place and time for visualization is a hot bath. Before I start the exercise, I prepare favorable conditions, i.e. lavender oil, candles, and relaxing music. When the body is relaxed, the brain is more likely to move to the land of eternal happiness. Get into a wonderful and blissful state. Make sure you find a secluded and peaceful place, preferably out in the open. Relax, don’t think about problems, but about what you want to achieve. Focus on details and activate your senses. Think about colors, smells, and sounds … The more details you think of, the better the visualization effects will be. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and see yourself and your life once you have fulfilled your dream. Now you only have to let your dreams show you the way <3.




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