To lose weight you have to eat!

The words “lose weight in 7 days”, “diet 1200 kcal”, “lose weight fast” – this are unfortunately marketing headlines that are intended to attract your attention! You dont feel good with your weight and you want to get rid of some kilograms  here and there?
I understand everything, but as always I am repeating: HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!

Think for how long you can be on such a diet? What about the yo-yo effect? At the latest midway through the diet are frustrated, tired, discouraged and back to your old habits. What’s worse, your body will make you literally jump with a huge appetite! The brain tells you that you deserved since you were starving so badly.

A healthy diet is your key to success. To lose weight its enough to eat healthy, ex balanced and rational meals. The fact that eating inadequate products and a positive balance leads to overweight and obesity, we know for sure! Excess calories are deposited … in fat tissue and you will notice increase in weight. It should be borne in mind, however, that a negative balance (less calorie intake than we use) results in a lack of energy, a deterioration of well-being, a hormonal imbalance, and other processes in the body, such as metabolism. Therefore, slimming diet with low calorie diet is a big mistake. It is better to bet on a properly balanced diet. Maintaining proper energy balance in our body affects the slow reduction of fat tissue and, consequently, unnecessary kilograms.

It is important to provide the right nutrients in the right proportions (macronutrients – below the table from DIET BY ANN). However, if such proportions are disturbed, some processes in the body – including weight loss – will be disturbed.

 The principles of healthy weight loss:

  • To lose weight you have to eat! You can not be hungry! If you drastically reduce the amount of calories, your body will begin to store what you will provide by replacing everything you eat into fat to protect yourself from further starvation. Your body is really a clever machine, you can not fool it 🙂
  • Eat nutritious meals, thereby overcoming metabolism. Remember, the metabolism may be the result of an inappropriate diet after many years, be patient to properly fix things.
  • Remember! Eat protein, fats, complex carbohydrates. Eat enough to feel full, but do not over eat. Calories can be delivered in different ways. Try to compose meals in such a way that a large volume of food gives you less calories. Of course, vegetables will help – generally low calorie, and wonderfully filling and giving valuable vitamins and minerals.
  • Keep proper hydration. Try to drink 2-3 l of water a day.
  • Do not eat between meals! If you eat it means your meal was poor in nutrition.
  • Ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids. Deficiencies can lead to poor mood, lack of energy, deterioration of digestive system, slow down metabolic rate.
  • Watch your body -if you feel bloated, constipated, gases, stomach pains, skin problems after eaten certain products ex dairy? Think about eliminating this product and replacing it.
  • Let your menu include as many healthy but different products as possible. Then you will be sure that you supply the body with all the ingredients needed to function.
  • Eat vegetables, preferably seasonal. Raw and warm. You can combine them with protein or carbohydrates. A lot of different vegetables in the daily diet will give you a positive vibe!
  • Eat ”thick” nutrition meat
  • Eat healthy fish (fatty)
  • Eat fats (necessary for digestion as well as for vitamin absorption), coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, lard, nuts.
  • Eat complex carbohydrates – especially cereals
  • Eat pickles


  • Exclude sugar from the diet
  • Exclude  highly processed foods and fast food, colorful, sweetened beverages
  • Give up gluten or limit your intake, especially from wheat
  • Limit your intake of dairy cow milk
  • Eliminate products you are intolerant to


  • Eat slowly, bite and chew very carefully – it’s important to facilitate a complicated digestion process.
  • Eat regularly, in appropriate deviations, it will help regulate your metabolism and your body will not make fat stores on time without food.
  • Try to combine the following products: carbohydrates / fat + vegetables, fat + vegetables / fat and protein. If you eat bread, then with butter and cucumber, but without cheese or meat. (I wrote about it in the previous issue).
  • Do not drink while eating meals, drink at least 30 minutes before eating and 30 minutes after you finish.
  • If a well-balanced diet and regular workouts do not produce results in the long run, it is important to reduce the caloric content of foods and reduce the calorie deficit.
  • If you have trouble maintaining a healthy diet, you can not give up sweets, eat at night, eat compulsively, or lose  pounds – I suggest going to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Eating disorders can be a serious disease and it is important to treat them.
  • To get slim you should provide less calories than you consume. But do not exceed the minimum requirement. Remember that a lot of calories are consumed by BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – basic metabolism that covers all the life processes that occur in the body, from the level of cellular change beginning and ending in breathing. For calculating BMRs, you use fairly complex patterns that include gender, age, current weight, and height, but for example, you can find calculators that calculate BMR immediately after the data is available online. Energy expenditure also includes physical activity, so we need to eat more to train our body to work out and to train our bodies not to destroy.

Below is a table with estimated BMR according to the World Health Organization

Sex, age (years) (value/day)

man 10-17 BMR = 0,074 x A + 2,754

18-29BMR = 0,063 x A + 2,896

30-59BMR = 0,048 x A + 3,653

60-74BMR = 0,0499 x A + 2,930

>75BMR = 0,0350 x A + 3,434

women 10-17 BMR = 0,056 x A + 2,898

18-29BMR = 0,062 x A + 2,036

30-59BMR = 0,034 x A + 3,538

60-74BMR = 0,0386 x A + 2,875

>75BMR = 0,041 x A + 2,610

Get check ups!

Our bodies are govern by HORMONS! remember about the medical check ups. Metabolism is dependent on thyroid hormones. If your economy is disturbed you may have a problem with dropping kilograms. In addition, control STRES, which causes overproduction of stress hormone cortisol. This can cause the deposition of fat tissue, by increasing appetite. This is due to the so-called. Post-appetite and postponement by your preventive body fat in the event of another attack of stress. In addition, cortisol causes uneven fat deposition,ex, the face, neck, abdominal area, and lean limbs. It also contributes to abnormal functioning of the thyroid hormone, unstable blood sugar, or loss of muscle tissue. In addition, sex hormones play a key role – control them!

And finally … I have to mention it – go to sleep! Lack of sleep (including stress) is associated with fat deposition and regeneration disorders.


My philosophy of healthy eating has been shared for several years both on the blog and in my books. You will find thousands of recipes, advice and inspiration in the kitchen that accompanies me every day. It gets thousands of messages from you asking for dietary advice.

So thats how the idea of ​​Diet by Ann started – an individual diet plan based on my three Pillars of Health. Anyone who wants to start their way to health will find something for themselves. I tried to think about everyone. There are 3 levels of diet, depending on where you start and when your body feels best – Level 3 Warrior Challenge is closest to my diet :). With this you can support functional meals from the Power Triangle: Strengthen your Body, Brain or Libido. Last but not least I also introduced an option for people who train – Diet by Ann SPORT, where you can enter your scheduled workouts, and meals will be adjusted accordingly. Everyone will find something for themselves – indifferent whether you want to simply eat healthily, lose weight, gain weight or build muscle mass. The diet is always with you – on the computer, on your ipad or on the phone. You can exchange meals according to what you want, and when you go to the store you can bring with you a shopping list. Check out

Proposed macronutrient distribution in my diet levels


Energy 50kcal, Protein 15%, 30%, Fats 20%, 30%, Carbohydrates 45%, 55%

  • limiting products from cow’s milk, but delivering fermented milk products – source of probiotics: yogurt, buttermilk
  • elimination of wheat, and complex carbohydrates will provide you with a diet of rye bread, cereal, gluten-free flour
  • Eliminate highly processed foods like colorful, carbonated drinks, fast food, and shop sweets full of simple sugars and saturated trans fats.
  • introduction of seasonal vegetables and fruits


Energy 50kcal, Protein 20%, 35%, Fats 25%, 35%, Carbohydrates 45%, 50%

  • total gluten elimination from your daily menu
  • elimination of dairy cow’s milk intake, occasional try dairy goats, introduction of vegetable milk as a substitute
  • Providing adequate quality fats to the body, for cold salads you use selected vegetable oils, to fry coconut oil or clarified butter
  • Provide appropriate sources of probiotics in the form of pickles, fermented  beans.


Energy 50kcal, Protein 25%, 35%, Fat 25%, 35%, Carbohydrates 40%, 45%

  • complete elimination of dairy from the diet
  • gluten free diet
  • elimination of legumes due to pro inflammatory lectins
  • dietary separation (I wrote in the previous article), thanks to it you will keep “light in the stomach”.

Here is a Power Triangle, a functional food that improves the quality of the three spheres of mind, body, and libido.

Mind: The diet improves the functioning of nervous connections and will provide clarity of thought and full concentration throughout the day. Many of us work at top speeds throughout the week. Healthy brain and nervous system are the basis of a balanced psyche, so we all should take care of their hygiene by practicing mind and body by engaging in social life, providing relaxation and quality sleep. It is equally important to provide the body with nutrients that have a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system.

Body: thanks to this diet you will improve your fitness and strength- you will be able to do more than ever. The healthy body is physically fit and resistant to harmful external factors. Provide him with good quality protein, basic building blocks of our muscles and tissues. Raw materials that significantly improve the fitness and performance of the human body are: meat, tofu, quinoa, dates, figs, bananas, avocados, beets, legumes, yeast extract, eggs, coconut water, coconut oil.

Libido: Naturally, you can increase your libido and the quality of your sex life. Thanks to a diet rich in ingredients and seasonings that have been considered aphrodisiacs for centuries, they improve blood circulation throughout the body, increase testosterone levels, relieve women’s ailments, or favor hormones. Products that exhibit functional effects on libido include: turmeric, chilli, ginger, cinnamon, walnuts, almonds, salmon, shrimp, berries and blueberries, chokeberry, cranberry, raspberries, garlic, peaches, avocados, eggs, garlic, asparagus.


Improperly balanced and devastating diets, increased stress, excess exercise, hormonal imbalances, or slimming ”helpers” cause more problems than good and no desired effects on a longer scale.

Anna Lewandowska

Athlete and nutrition specialist. Multiple medalist of the national in traditional karate in European and World Championships. Author of workout plans and books on healthy lifestyle that have helped her motivate over a million of people to change their lives for the better.

Founder of Healthy Plan by Ann, Diet & Training by Ann. CEO of Foods by Ann. Co-founder of Baby by Ann.

Wife of footballer Robert Lewandowski, the captain of the Poland national football team and Bayern Munich player. Read more »

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Hi Ann, I made my calculations on how many kcal should I eat and it seems pretty low, hard to maintain. I am assuming it is correct because when I eat more, I gain weight. What would be your advice on how to ‘force’ body to recomposition, not to lose weight but reduce core body fat. Apart from what this smart article says of course 🙂 PS>I am following all those principles already. Apart from meat and fish.