Power Balls in a New Version

Time definitely goes by too fast! Today we say goodbye to the year 2019 🙂 And I have a recipe for a healthy New Year’s Eve snack for those who are going to spend the night at home. How about power balls? What’s more, they contain all your (and mine too!:)) most popular flavors of the year 2019: almonds, dates and salted almond spread. They’re healthy, quick and easy to make, and look fabulous. Do you need anything else to celebrate the New year? Absolutely not 🙂

If you’re running short on ideas for snacks by Ann for New Year’s Eve, have a quick look at halva power balls, fab home-made bars or brownie, and I can guarantee they will be just perfect for your house-party with friends.



I soaked the dates in hot water for about 10 minutes. Then I blended all the ingredients, formed balls and coated them with shredded coconut. When ready, I stored them in the fridge. 


Anna Lewandowska

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