Probiotics for Vaginal Infections

Today I want to write a few words about the uncomfortable problem associated with the fair sex. 3 out for 4 women have experienced vaginal infections at least once in their life. Some of us struggle with them almost every month. Are there any natural ways to deal with this problem?


The causes

It hurts, burns, there is vaginal discharge… These problems  are most common among women and there is a widespread belief that they are caused by improper hygiene. But in fact the reason may be completely different! If we have a problem with recurrent vaginal infections, and  antibiotics or antifungal drugs only help for a short while, it’s time to become interested in vaginal microflora. It is a very sensitive ecosystem that protects us against the development of yeast infections or pathogenic bacteria. It can often be disturbed by antibiotics, hormonal drugs, as well as illnesses or even stress! The system of vaginal microflora also changes in individual phases of the menstrual cycle, which is why intimate infections occur most often after menstruation.


What can you do?

Vaginal infections occur when the number of healthy bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus, also called Doderlein, decreases. They are the “guardians” of these sensitive areas. If there are too few of them, we must use some tried and tested methods. I am talking about gynecological probiotics. There are two types of supplements to choose from – vaginal and oral. The first ones work immediately, at the time of application. Thanks to this, there is a good chance that the infection can be stopped before it develops. We can use them in any situation conducive to the development of intimate problems – for example, after a visit at the pool or when using an antibiotic. Oral gynecological probiotics require a longer time to become effective.  Therefore, they should be treated as long-term prevention rather than support in the treatment of an existing infection.


Prevention above all!

If we want to deal comprehensively with vaginal infections, it’s a good idea to consider different solutions! According to Dr. Patrycja Szachta from the Vitaimmun Medical Center, the cause of frequent vaginal infections in women is impaired intestinal microflora. As a result, pathogenic bacteria or fungi can “migrate” to the genitourinary system and the infection begins. So if you have a serious problem with recurrent urogenital infections, maybe it’s time to check your intestinal microflora?

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