Training in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Your belly is growing fast and the center of gravity is changing its position. The discomfort and weariness are becoming stronger. Dear ladies, does it sound familiar? We’re going to be mums in a moment. Let’s use this time to prepare for the delivery and relieve pregnancy problems.  

You can still be active in the third trimester if there are no contraindications from your doctor and if you feel good enough. Watch your body all the time. 

If you feel discomfort while performing any of the exercises – stop it. Repeat the exercises from the first and second trimester. You should also focus on your breath. It is worth learning how to use the diaphragm while breathing, which will surely bring good results. Put your hand on your stomach and watch it rise and fall while inhaling and exhaling. Try to breathe deeply and steadily. These exercises are not difficult, you can do them at any stage of your pregnancy. Thanks to them you will be able to control the loosening of the pelvic floor muscles and provide the child with more blood during the delivery. 

Do the exercises while sitting, preferably on the ball. This will help you relax and relieve your spine. Tighten and loosen individual muscles sequentially, and then whole muscle groups. Circle your wrists and bend the fingers and toes to prevent edema and varicose veins. Take care of the muscles of your arms and forearms to strengthen them and improve the appearance of the breast. Avoid, however, exercises focused on the work of internal thigh muscles and all that were not recommended in the second trimester.


A sample set of exercises for women in the third trimester of pregnancy: 


1. Squat and rise on toes.

Stand with your legs hip-width apart, point your toes slightly outwards. Hold on to the backrest of a chair (for better balance), do a slight squat while breathing in, then go up on your toes while exhaling.


2. Circling one leg inwards in the hip joint: first the right leg and then the left one. 


3. Alternate abduction of legs backwards.


4. Abduction of the leg sideways.


5. Abduction of the leg forward with a slight kick.


6. Sitting on a gym ball or a chair, take a deep breath, while opening the chest – arms to the side, shoulder blades pulled together.

Then, exhale while pulling your shoulders together forwards and rounding the thoracic spine. 


7. Sitting on the ball, perform pelvic circulation once to the left, once to the right.


8. Sitting on the ball, lift the bent knee, keep your hands firmly on the ball to keep the balance. 

Repeat the exercise with the other leg.


9. Sitting on the ball, circle straight arms sideways. 


10. Gentle bending of arms in back support. 

Engage only the shoulder girdle, try to isolate the abdominal muscles during the exercise.


11. Raise your leg upwards while lying on your side.

The supporting leg is bent in the knee at 90 degrees. Toes pointing upwards.


12. Cat pose on the ball – rounding the thoracic spine.

Take a deep breath and exhale.

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