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Black garlic

Garlic, both fresh and processed, has many valuable health properties. It supports the treatment of infections and colds, has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies carried out so far have shown that garlic subjected to the fermentation process (aging) has an even better effect on the body than its fresh counterpart. It is associated with a significantly higher amount of compounds of health-promoting importance. This makes it much more effective in the treatment and prevention of many diseases.



Black garlic is obtained in the process of fresh garlic ripening, which consists in keeping garlic at a higher temperature (50-90ºC) and humidity (80-90%) for about a dozen days or more (usually 15-60 days). During the ripening process chemical changes take place, which include browning reactions along with the hydrolysis of macromolecular compounds and their decomposition into smaller particles. These reactions improve the absorption of nutrients and increase the concentration of antioxidants. Additionally, black garlic gains sensory attractiveness in this ripening process. Positive changes resulting mainly from the Maillard reaction contribute to the increase of pro-health properties and the growing popularity of this product. It can be consumed both in the form of cloves, but also as a puree. In addition, it is also often added to processed foods such as drinks, juices, sweets and ice cream.


Nutritional value

Black garlic is attractive because of its nutritional value. The main ingredients of black garlic are oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, organic acids, and amino acids. Black garlic contains 15 out of 20 basic amino acids, including 8 that are essential for life. It is also a source of many bioactive components, including phenolic compounds, organic sulfur compounds and alkaloids. Compared to violet garlic, it is also characterized by a higher content of dietary fiber.


Health-promoting properties of black garlic

Black garlic has many health-promoting properties. Below you will find the most important ones.


  • It prevents and cures infection

Garlic is considered to be a natural antibiotic. Research has shown, that black garlic extract is a substance with a strong antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic and antifungal activity. Therefore, it is worth taking it to fight fever, flu. and cold. Black garlic also reduces the production of cytokines with pro-inflammatory properties and thus has anti-inflammatory properties. When consumed on a regular basis, it supports the immune system and strengthens immunity. Garlic owes its properties to the presence of allicin – a substance rich in sulfur.


  • It has a positive effect on the intestinal function

Thanks to a high content of fiber, black garlic positively affects intestinal function, normalizes the bowel movement and helps in the fight against constipation. It also has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.


  • It protects liver

Studies conducted on rats have shown that black garlic has a hepatoprotective effect on liver damage caused by alcohol. It is recommended for people with fatty liver and increased activity of liver enzymes. The substances it contains have been shown to stimulate regeneration process and reduce the process of hepatic steatosis.


  • A source of antioxidants

The antioxidant activity of black garlic is several times higher than that of garlic extract. This increase in antioxidant activity is attributed to increased amount of polyphenols found in black garlic, which is 6 to 7 times greater than in the case of fresh garlic. Thanks to the higher content of antioxidant compounds, black garlic effectively combats free radicals and thus delays the aging process of the body.


  • It prevents lifestyle diseases

It was found that black garlic extract can favorably affect the prevention of obesity and contribute to weight loss. As a result of the reduction of the content of adipose tissue, a reduction in cholesterol level was also observed. It was also shown that black garlic possesses antidiabetic properties, helps in normalizing blood pressure, and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.


  • It prevents cancer

Studies carried out so far have shown that black garlic consumed regularly can prevent the development of cancer. The extract of black garlic forces the cancer cells to start the process of natural cell death. In addition, it has cytotoxic properties and prevents cancer cells from multiplying.


  • It has anti-allergy effect

Black garlic has also been shown to be helpful in the prevention and treatment of allergies. Its use effectively reduces allergic symptoms.


  • It has a positive effect on memory and concentration

It has been shown that black garlic improves concentration and the process of acquiring information. It is especially recommended for people with Alzheimer’s disease.


No side effects

The most common side effects caused by the intake of small amounts of raw garlic are bad breath and body odor. These are some of the reasons for the growing interest in black garlic which has a sweet flavor similar to vanilla, and tastes like smoked plums. What’s more, black garlic does not have a negative effect on the human body. It can therefore be used without age restrictions.5

I recommend garlic black to everyone who wants to strengthen the body and improve their health. It is especially worth trying in winter, when the risk of contracting influenza and cold is higher. I also recommend it to athletes, because it strengthens vital forces, improves the functioning of muscles and tendons.



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