Lying Down with Your Legs Up. Not Only for Pregnant Women!

Our modern sedentary lifestyle affects the circulatory system and does it no good. Sitting for a long time hinders lymph flow, leads to embolism, blood clots, varicose veins, swelling… Your back, neck, and head start to ache. All this makes you feel bad and the solution is within easy reach-lift your legs up!

You all probably know the position with your legs up, higher than your torso. However, do you do it every day? Probably not! As it turns out, it is worth implementing it to your everyday habits. Surprisingly, it is highly beneficial not only to pregnant women 🙂


How do you do it?

Just lie on the floor, sofa, or bed and rest your legs against the wall, headboard or door. Put a small pillow under your back-it will make you feel more comfortable. Your arms should rest straight along the body. Hold the position for 15-20 minutes. Of course, remember to wear a comfortable outfit and that’s it!  


The benefits of lying down with your legs up

It reduces swelling of the legs and feet

Obrzęk nóg i opuchnięte kostki to sygnały zaburzeń pracy układu krążenia, ale również częsta przypadłość kobiet w ciąży. Dlatego wczesna reakcja jest niezwykle istotna. Zależy od niej czy dolegliwość będzie się pogłębiać, czy skutecznie się jej pozbędziecie.  Unoszenie stóp wysoko w górę skutecznie poprawia przepływ płynów, które przywrócą prawidłowe krążenie krwi w nogach. 


It prevents varicose veins

Varicose veins are permanent extensions of veins of the superficial venous system, taking the form of balloon-like distension. Also, pregnancy is a period in which the development of venous insufficiency is faster. It is directly related to hormones that have their receptors on the walls of the veins. Keeping your feet up is the simplest, home remedy to fight varicose veins, which improves lymph outflow. 


It is relaxing

The position of keeping your feet up is also practiced in yoga for the purpose of calming the mind and de-stressing. In this position, more oxygen flows to the brain than while standing up. The more “oxygen in the brain”, the easier it is to relax and regain internal harmony.   


It relieves tension

After a day at the computer, this position is great at eliminating the painful tension in the neck and back. What’s more, loosening the whole body will have a positive effect on lumbar lordosis, i.e. the natural bending of the spine in the lower back.

As it turns out, this simple exercise affects many health aspects. So make sure to introduce it into your daily routine and you’ll feel better. In addition, you may not burn any extra calories, but at least it will be an opportunity for an everyday moment of relaxation that each of you can afford 🙂



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