Another variation on the “power balls” theme :). This time it’s gonna be summery and colorful – just like the strawberries themselves!


These easy-to-cook goodies are a great substitute for sweets available at shops and a perfect travel snack. What’s more they will give you an energy boost before working out or come to help afterwards.

Strawbeery Balls of Power


First, boil the millet groats, adding pitted dates at the end of cooking. Leave to cool completely. Then, mix the whole thing at very low speed so that the groats don’t lose their form entirely. Next, add the other products, mix again, and then shape the mixture into balls. Lastly, coat the balls with the Strawberry LIO Shake

Strawberries -> you can learn more about their properties here.

Why lyophilized?

You don’t have enough products to make a delicious cocktail quickly?

You have just finished training and you wish to quickly improve the taste in your mouth after post-workout nutrition food?

Some fruit’s season is over, and you’re dying to have a bite of it?

These are exactly the kinds of moments when you can add a lyophilized product :).

Lyophilization is a process of direct removal of water from the pre-frozen product, so that the ice does not pass through a liquid phase. Whereas the standard drying is carried out using high temperature which destroys a substantial part of the product’s nutritional value. The use of lyophilization or freeze-drying helps to keep most of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and the like, contained in the fresh product. Lyophilized products also have a similar color, shape and taste, when compared to a fresh product.

At present, freeze-drying is one of the best methods of preserving food that does not require adding any artificial substances. The finished product contains only 1 to 2% of water which makes it very light, and thus it will work very well as a snack, e.g., when travelling.

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