Choco Porridge with a Hot Banana

Do you like sweet breakfasts as much as I do? If yes, then I have a great recipe for you! Seems like an ordinary porridge with banana but there’s something special about it. The base comprises gluten-free oat flakes and plant-based milk so it is a kind of breakfast anyone could have 🙂


Porridge with fruit, cocoa, and cinnamon is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, and selenium. All these ingredients support your immune system, eg in the production of antibodies, and thus inhibiting the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms. What’s more, the dish is a good source of fiber which I’ve already described, and, as you already know, it affects the proper functioning of the digestive tract. And healthy intestines mean good immunity! When composing meals, try to think about the benefits that its individual components can bring to your well-being. Your health is in your hands! 



I soaked the dates in hot water. I cooked the oats in milk (you can add some water). In the meantime I stirred in chopped dates, chocolate and salt. Now you can add the protein, too. When the dish was ready, I decorated it with blueberries. I melted some fat in a pan, sliced the banana lengthwise, sprinkled it with cinnamon and warmed it up. 



Anna Lewandowska

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