We read labels: codes on stickers on fruit and vegetables

Do you know that fruit and vegetables have their own codes, the so-called PLU (price look-up)?

Most fruit and vegetables that you find in shops have stickers with the producer’s logo and the PLU code. The code consists of 4 or 5 numbers, usually printed on a sticker, a bag or a box in which the fruit or vegetables are shipped. Thanks to the code, you can easily find which produce comes from organic farming.



What can you learn from the PLU code?


The PLU code provides you with information about:

  • the place of origin
  • the type of farming
  • the variety and size of the produce


Choose fruit and vegetables that start with number 9!


  • If there are four numbers on the sticker and the first one is 4 – this means pesticides and artificial fertilizers have been used to grow this produce. It is called conventional food.
  • If there are five numbers on the sticker and the first one is 9 – this means the produce comes from organic farming.
  • If there are five numbers but the first one is 8, it is a genetically modified product (GMO).


The country of origin


There is also a barcode next to the PLU code. It gives you information about the origin of the product.


For example:

  • Number 590 means that the product is from Poland.
  • Numbers between 400 and 440 mean that the product is from Germany.
  • Numbers between 00 and 09 mean that the product comes from the USA.
  • Numbers between 690 and 691 mean that the product is from China.


As you can see, there is plenty of useful information on fruit and vegetables. Keep that in mind and read labels!


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