Elevenses: Tapioca pudding

Tapioca is a starch which is get from manioc and sold in a form of flour or grits.

It has no taste and it’s perfect for thickening sweet and dry dishes. It’s easily digestible and, what is vital, doesn’t contain gluten. You can easily buy it in online shops like “cuisines of the world”.

I cooked a cup of tapioca in coconut milk for 30 minutes (stirring frequently) and left it to cool down. Next, I added malt (xylitol) and blended. Finally, I put tapioca in a glass, added jam and fruit.

The second version in the photo:

Bon appetit!

Anna Lewandowska

Athlete and nutrition specialist. Multiple medalist of the national in traditional karate in European and World Championships. Author of workout plans and books on healthy lifestyle that have helped her motivate over a million of people to change their lives for the better.

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